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Puppy Companion Home Application

Please double check your contact info for accuracy.
Are you and your partner in agreement in adding a puppy to your family?
How would you prefer to be contacted?
We are now only allowing 1 deferment for reservation. If circumstances beyond our control arise (mother nature always has final say) and cannot offer you a puppy we will give you an extention of course! Deposits are not refundable but will go to our "indefinate deferment list" at which point you have to option to re-activate the deposit for actively available puppies at your leisure.
Our puppies are $4,500 (not including transport) +$250 a week after 10 weeks old for additional training (if desired). Do you agree this is in your budget?
When are you hoping to bring your puppy home.
Gender Preferance
What Breed of Puppy are you Looking for? All of our pups are considered Allergy Friendly
Color Preference
Tell us about you - what do you like to do? what activities would your puppy participate in? whats interesting or unique about  your family? Paint the picture for us! :
What do you plan to do with your pup while you are not home? do you have friends and family that are ready to help or a puppy-sitter? how long will your pup have to be alone?:
Where will puppy live? Where will puppy stay during the day? & the night? will you be crate training? or will you have a puppy playpen or both?
Tell us about your living situation:
Do you have any questions? 

Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions!! We are totally here to answer yours!!We'll be in touch by your preferred method of communication likely within 24 hours!

You're awesome! Have a great day!

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