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f1 cavapoo mamma phantom health tested parents


Diana is our f1 Cavapoo Mamma for incredible phantom and red F1b cavapoos! Every one of her babies have been perfection and we just love Diana! She is so sweet and always comes when she is called unless she doesn't know you ... then treats are REQUIRED!

Embark Genetically Tested

OFA's eyes, hips, heart, patella came back Wonderful


intense red hypoallergenic cavapoo mamma with the darkes red hair ever health tested and snuggliest cavapoo in the world


Dark Red toy Cavapoo
Callisto is our f1b Cavapoo for Multigen Cavapoo babies. She is the sweetest silly girl! She loves to fetch and almost never barks! She has hair like velvet and has an incredible genetic panel! 7 lbs

We hope to see dark red abstract Multigen Cavapoo in the Spring & Maybe perfectly colored intense phantom cavapoos! A Rare beauty indeed!
Intense red poodle mamma health tested akc Mini Poodle


Maya is our AKC moyen poodle from the one and only Luna x Goose Litter! It seemed like madness to keep a pup from Luna's first litter but I'm so glad we did. She is a precious Ruby in our program and a real gem to live with. She follows just naturally and always has. She has incredible structure and is so loving and beautifully Athletic. We love her and hope very soon we will see the Dark red & red abstract mini Poodles & cavapoos we've been dreaming of!

Embark Genetics

OFAs eyes, hips, heart & patella all passed &

All wonderful


Apricot mini poodle mamma health tested for genetics and OFA testing AKC mini Poodle
Parti Mini Poodle retiree healthy and smart, well trained dogs
Tri color toy poodle retiree, healthy dogs come first


Athena, Freya, Luna and Iris have Retired.

Athena & Freya had a full and successful career of mamma life and retired to live the life of Luxury.

Luna retired after a suspicious mass was detected and ruled as a rare form of cancer (not familial) so far she is exceeding all our wildest hopes and expecetionas and hasn't slowed down. We hope to have her on many hiking excursions to come since she has the best hiking manners ever! She is staying with us of course and is honestly the dog of all dogs for our family. Funny, we didn't think we'd be big dog people!

Iris has retire early due to an eye cataract having been found in her left eye. It doesn't slow her down at all & she has found a wonderful home where she can be the queen like she's always wanted and gets the extra love and care she needs!

Retiree standard poodle red adventure dog
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