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Guardian Home Application

Our breeding program is based on love, commitment and respect. This translates to our breeding dogs to provide them homes where they can be loved and spoiled as beloved pets / family members first! Please consider whether your home has the time and financial means to provide this before proceeding. Puppies will only go to guardian homes that have passed our strict and rigorous screening process. All fields must be filled.If your application is approved we will contact you to set up an in home interview where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. To qualify as a guardian home you must show strength of character, love of dogs, & ability to communicate and coordinate. 
Guardian families need to be willing to commit to 2-4 years of coordinating & communicating with the breeder. In this way guardian families earn their dream puppy and Breeders have the comfort of knowing their breeding dog is getting the love and care only a guardian home can provide. Guardian homes are families in a position to offer the time and flexibility as well as secure living that does not involve relocation. Do you plan to live within 30 minutes driving time of Idaho Falls for the next 4 years? Describe your plans:
Do you own your home? Do you live in an apartment? Do you have a fenced yard? Describe you living arrangements.
We need to have regular contact with our guardian home dogs so that when they come to us for testing, breeding, whelping & weaning they have an easy transition and do not experience high levels of stress. Are you willing to commit to monthly play dates or puppy sleep overs?
Male guardian dogs must be brought to breeders home when requested within 24 hours notice for breeding and whelping which can last up to 3 hours per breeding and each breeding may have up to 3 session. Are you willing to have an open dialogue to coordinate and be away from your guardian dog during the times as described? We are happy to meet part way when possible if needed.
Have you owned dogs in the past or currently own a dog? If yes, please describe your experiece.
Tell us about you - Hobbies, Occupation, family:
Do you have an established vet? If so, please write their office name(s)
Have you done any research on poodles & cavapoos? Are you aware of the grooming requirements?
Where will puppy live? Where do you plan for your  puppy stay during the day? & the night?
Which dog sounds like a good fit for your family?
Please double check your answers. If any questions do not apply simply put NA.
Do you have any questions for us you need answered right now? 

Hey! You did it! We'll be give you a call within 24 hours! Hopefully all goes well and we will be having puppy play dates in no time! Have a great day!

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